Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Best Things in Life

Almost a cliche but true, the best things in life are oft the most simple ones.

Like a small, warm hand curled around your fingers and skipping along next to you as you explore the Botanic Gardens together as a family. That impossibly perfect blue sky blazing high above you. The slight breeze that tries to alleviate some of the scorching heat but ends up adding to the mugginess. Tall, gnarly trees and giant leafy palms provide patches of welcome shade.

Seeing how excited Bubs got about spotting a small group of monkeys, remembering that was exactly how you felt when you were his age, standing there in that same spot watching monkeys picking at their food with their clever paws and swaying their long tails when they walk? Listening to Bubs enthusiastically telling Grandpa with utmost certainty that monkeys eat oranges because he saw them digging out discarded orange peel from the bin to nibble on. At the same time, it also makes you a little sad inside while you wonder how long will they last there with the shrinking forest and encroaching development?  

A buy 2 free 1 weekday promotion for your favourite ice cream - Kindori at Gurney Plaza. The joy on his pudgy, losing-its-babyness-becoming-a-small-boy face when he sees that everyone has their own cup of ice cream, hence he doesn't need to share his precious chem-chem-dak (cempedak) ice cream :)


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