Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kid Rooms

I've been really slack about moving Bubs to his own room. Before he was born, I told Hubs that he HAS to be moved at 6 months old based on what parenting books were recommending but after that, well ... coupled with the lack of shuteye, funds (it's more rewarding spending on toys than boring room stuff) ... his room is more like an empty storeroom for our junk at the moment while Bubs is still happily co-rooming with us. His cot has had one side of the railings removed and shoved next to our bed so bed space-wise, it's manageable.

Still I can't help ooh-ing and aah-ing over these cute kid spaces I've found. Still lacking in the funds-section to make these a reality for Bubs but one could still dream ;)

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 The Ikea enthusiast in me recognises some of the furniture used here! I like the nifty idea of using the expedit shelves as benches which double up as storage for toys.
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 If you have some spare cash, these cool LED balloons (USD73 each) would make any kid deliriously happy.

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