Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dear Bubs: 27 Months

Dear Bubs,

Time flies when you're having fun! Can I say that these are the best times we've ever had together? Or do I seem to say that each month as you hit a new milestone?

The things you say truly astound Daddy and me. You seem to pick up the darn-est things.

Me: Why are you digging your nose?
Bubs: There's an elephant in it.
Me: What is the elephant doing in your nose?
Bubs: Elephant ... what you doing there? Come out here, elephant!
Me: *trying to keep a straight face* So what is the elephant doing?
Bubs: The elephant's eating ice cream inside my nose

We've also ended up incorporating some Bubs-erisms into our daily speech. Daddy insists on correcting you but I always find your baby talk to be cute.

If you don't sit proper-berry, you will fall down. You love eating chocolate chip chip cookies and apochi (strawberries). You scratch your hand whenever you feel itchy-lily. We turn on our comp-pin-ter to work and to show you Elmo on YouTube.

In addition to Sesame Street, you now like the Muppets. I think your favourite character is Animal followed by the Swedish Chef (mine too!) and there's nothing you love more than using a clothes hanger as a guitar and strumming it while singing songs along to Sesame Street and the Muppets. If you run out of songs to sing, you just go "la la la, El-mo's songggggkkk". You were thrilled to bits when Por Por got you your very own toy guitar and you guard it fiercely. Not many people are allowed to touch it, not even Mummy and Daddy.

You also like going to Uncle M's room and plucking at the strings of his electric guitar. Future Bon Jovi, perhaps? ;)

Sorry to say, kiddo, you have a terrible temper when you don't get what you want. When you misbehave and get a swat on your palm, you don't even blink your eyes. However when we withhold something that you want badly from you, you throw the most awful tantrums. Big, fat tears will roll down your cheeks, you wail, you arch your arms behind your back and you stamp your feet - all at the same time, yeesh!

We've been trying to teach you how to share stuff with other children. Like your Chinese zodiac, you are very much the territorial tiger and refuses to share your toys to the point that if you see some other kid hovering close by your possessions, you march right over and grab it away.

 And another huge milestone, we've been loosely potty training you. Credit should go to Por Por who's had the patience to persuade you to sit on the potty until you've *ahem* completed your task, which can at times take up to 45 mins. You can now poop on the potty but we've to remind you to go, otherwise you'd still find it a lot easier to do it in your diapers. However, once on your potty, you need a LOT of entertainment to keep you on it. We've resorted to putting your potty next to the sofa so you have a back rest, in front of the telly and some toys around you.

You've also turned into a mini nagging reminding version of me which I find to be extremely helpful, much to Daddy's dismay ;) Daddy has an awful habit of chewing his fingers and each time I say "Bubs, tell Daddy to stop biting his fingers", you'll happily parrot after me "Dadddeeee, stop biting your fingers, it's dirty-yuck-yuck!"until he stops. Good job, Bubs!

Love you lots and stop growing up too fast, you'll always be my baby,

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