Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Weekend with Aussie Godma

Aussie Godma gave me the best ever birthday treat: a surprise visit back! It's been a friendship that spans decades and firmly cemented with lots of shopping, cooking lessons - she makes the best chilli crabs - and sleepovers. She now calls Sydney home, where we first bonded over our first factory outlet discovery, and each time she makes a much anticipated trip back, we just hang out like old times.

Who else is crazy enough to think of playing Jenga at Miam Miam but Aussie Godma? Bubs was giggling non stop each time he gingerly removed a block. Since that he was the youngest, he was given the privilege of using both hands to play.

Hubs took Bubs to Toys r Us so us gals could catch up on our shopping. We watched Avengers 2 last week so Bubs was reenacting the Hulk vs Iron Man scene.

While this H&M watercolour tiled pencil skirt with gold zippered pockets got Aussie Godma's seal of approval and made its way home with me. If you're purchasing from H&M, don't forget that donating a bag of old clothes/fabric entitles you to a single use only 15% discount card.

We made our way to ack jiap (duck noodles) at Kimberly Street for dinner and yes, I kid you not, the humble hawker stall actually installed a point of sale machine to charge GST. That didn't deter the crowds though, before the seller arrived, there was a long time of people waiting to place their order.

Besties bonding over a mutual love of char koay teow.

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