Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Birthday Week

Another year older, another year filled with more fab family, friends and food :)

My colleagues are more than aware of my love for Lego and got me a set that I'd wanted for ages *don't judge* behold, my first ever Lego Friends!


*squeals* Aren't all of the little details adorable? A tiny, swinging monkey on a branch, pastel flowers, lush palm fronds ... so much nicer than Bub's boring vehicles. Even Bubs was enchanted and wanted to help build the "Barbie Lego" as he called it.

KL Godma has a knack of recommending books that leave a place in my heart forever. Last year, it was John Green's The Fault in our Stars which left me in tears. This time around, she gave me a copy of the Rosie Project for my birthday and I could not put it down. Without giving away the plot, this is reminiscent of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time but a much lighter version.

A birthday present for myself: Uniqlo Mr. Men Little Miss Relaco pants. I've been waiting for them to go on sale for ages - oh the cuteness overload - and when they were RM29, I couldn't resist swooping in on a pair.


Hub's birthday surprise for me was at Isaribi Tei, one of our favourite Japanese restaurants. I always feel slightly tense there because the owner is somewhat ... well, you do the Google search but the food there is good and they serve the best raw (unbaked) cheesecake in Penang. To Bub's and my delight, Hubs ordered a whole cheesecake this round so we could savour it slowly at home.

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