Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Very Belated Mother's Day Gift

Look what hit our shores in time for a somewhat belated Mother's Day gift for me :D That's right, series 2 of the Simpsons for Lego. All together now *squeals* Told Hubs that since I'm not a huge fan of all the characters in this release (sorry Moleman and Comic Book Guy) in addition to already having the whole Simpson family from series 1, he can skip buying the full collection and just let me feel my way through the blind bags at Toys r Us.

The Toys r Us branch at Gurney was well prepared. This year, they had 4 shelves full of the Simpsons minifigs at the Lego section and a huge collection of blind bags for me to squeeze and feel my way through the ones that I really wanted.

Resisting the urge to just rip the bags apart the moment we stepped out from the store, I turned them into a little bedtime ritual, prolonging that delicious moment of confirming if indeed, I picked the right ones.

Woo hoo! It was a 100% success rate: Patty and Selma, Smithers - you've got to love that Malibu Stacy detail there! Edna Krabappel and Groundskeeper Willie. Patty and Selma were relatively easy to find due to their distinct hair and if you want to tell feel them apart, they have different accessories. Mrs. Krabappel is the only one with a coffee mug so make sure you can feel the mug's handle. Groundskeeper Willie's toilet plunger has a long stick which can be felt through the blind bag.

And to complete the Simpson family collection: Santa's Little Helper and Snowball! These took a LOT of feeling my way through the blind bags to find. Here's a clue if you're having difficulties differentiating them: Snowball is a lot smaller, has a very distinct curvy tail plus Lisa's minifig has a separate torso and legs. 

Mr. Burns and Smithers reunited at long last :) If there's going to be a series 3, let there please please please be Sideshow Bob, Principal Skinner and Homer's drinking buddies!

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