Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lasagne Cupcakes

Whilst Hubs loves lasagne, he hates making it for Bubs and me because we each have our own requirements. I hate mince on mine, Bubs insists on peas and Hubs crams as much vegetables as he can into each layer. At one point, we were splitting the loaf pan into 3 different sections and complained when each offending item crossed over. This post was genius and so popular, it has been on repeat at our home.

Yes, people, instead of a single lasagne, bake them in cupcake or muffin trays so you get to customise them. Garfield would have been so proud :)

You could substitute them lasagne sheets with spring roll wrappers. Cut them into circles or leave them as squares, it doesn't really matter. I personally like them as squares because the leftover edges at the sides get really crispy.

A very relieved Hubs layering the fillings for us. Bring on the cheese, babyyyyy!

I love the smaller portions as they somehow feel less heavy and you can easily freeze leftovers or bring them to the office.


  1. Replies
    1. Can't wait to apply that to mac & cheese too, they make a decent portion for office lunches!


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