Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I've been up to my eyeballs with assignments and whenever the going gets tough, I snack compulsively. For the past weeks, these have been on my desk:

If you can look past its unfortunate name, Glico's Collon biscuits are super yummy. I remember my Dad getting these for me way back when I was a kid so I was ecstatic to still see these stocked at Jusco. Since I'm a huge fan of anything green tea flavoured, I pounced on these. These are, unfortunately again, tube shaped but its dubious look belies its taste. These are crispy and filled with a fluffy icing inside. I couldn't stop at just one until I realised I polished off the entire box in a single sitting.

Penangites call these tart fruit "umpela" but Hubs calls me sadistic for eating these. They are extremely sour, think mouth puckering-ly strong that even Bubs refuses to go near these. My Mum has a small tree and regularly cuts them for me. There are probably 101 ways to eat these, my manager told me to pickle them in a sugar water concoction, my bestie loves them with a dash of light soy sauce ... I enjoy them sliced with a salt and chilli dip.  

What about you - what do you snack on?

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