Monday, August 11, 2014

New & Old Shoes

There comes a certain point in life where I have to bid adieu to sky high heels and start welcoming heels of a more sensible height. The issue, however, is that it is almost impossible to find shoes that have a decent height amidst a sea of gravity defying stilettos. 

Look and ye shall find ;) The beautiful shade of mint attracted me at the Nose sale and the soft fabric was so comfy. Can't wait to wear these as a pop of colour to a neutral outfit.

Aussie Godma shares my love of shoes and lace (preferably both together) and got me these lovely, black lace Aldo peep toes as an early Xmas present.

Given my passion for vintage and all things Nonya, my Grandma found these pair of manik (beaded) slippers still in immaculate condition. Apparently, the beads were hand sewn by my Great Grandma who passed away before I was born.

I was taken away at how intricate the design was and the tiny, tiny beads. It must have taken Great Grandma ages to complete sewing them! For now, I'm keeping them stashed away for a special occasion but can't wait for the day where I can wear them complete with a pretty kebaya.

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