Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tagging Along

The only thing Hubs loves more than his car is us his camera so when my colleague and lunch buddy, Siew, asked him if he could help take some family photos and a cake smash for Jaz's 1st birthday, he was more than game for it. Bubs and I tagged along as well since her place had a nice playground.

My glittery jelly flats that I found at a store for only RM12 - so pleased with my find though Hubs thinks it's another fashion trend which he totally doesn't get.

Behind the scenes of the Siew's family photos. Bubs was in love with the wide open space and new playground so he was running amok.

Bubs found a red hibiscus for his daddy.

The skies were getting dark and threatening so we went back to her place. Bubs had a taste of being a big brother for about 30 minutes ... I don't think he liked it, he was unused to the concept of sharing and kept snatching books from her.

A couple of shots from the cake smash ... and in case you were wondering, Bubs and I snuck bites of the leftover cake, haha, while she was bathing Jaz after that. Siew kept calling us gross but it tasted really good!

Siew was contemplating baking her own cake but figured frosting it nicely would be a total pain so she went with a store bought cake.

Jaz had so much fun with the cake, she grabbed it, discovered that it was soft and creamy and proceeded to pull out baby fist sized chunks full of cake to cram into her mouth. So cute!

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