Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh Red!

Remember Red, that extremely talented Malaysian artist that made worldwide news by "painting" a portrait of basketball player Yao Ming with ... what else, but a basketball? She has also wowed the world by using coffee cup stains to ink out singer Jay Chou, kilos of sunflower seeds for the portrait of China artist Ai Weiwei.

Fairy Godma recently sent me the link to Red's blog and there are so many mini works of art there. Red crafts stunning scenes using nothing but food and don't get me started on how she paint-stakingly (pun intended) pieced out birds with flower petals.

image credit
 The goldfish swimming in the consomme is made from pickled ginger, century eggs and dill.

image credit
 This is something close to all Malaysians' hearts - a good ol' packet of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf :)

image credit
Birds of a feather petal flock together.

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