Monday, August 26, 2013

A Good Book and Good Food

I have been hunting for a copy of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi ever since I saw it on A Cup of Jo. I couldn't find it stocked in bookstores anywhere and was tempted to purchase it online when I finally struck gold at Borders. It's my first time in quite a while reading a graphic novel and I was swept away by the stark monochromatic and simple lines. Persepolis (my copy covers both Persepolis I and Persepolis II) is an autobiography of Marjane Satrapi growing up during the Iranian cultural revolution and her story is, at times, utterly raw and gripping. I confess, I'd tears in my eyes at the end of Persepolis I.

We finally got to try Rakuzen at Gurney Paragon after a month or so or trying to get a spot. There's always a long line of people outside so we were daunted. We were confused by the 3 restaurants grouped together: Sushi Zanmai, Rakuzen and Pasta Zanmai. I know that we've tried all 3 in KL before but I couldn't remember which was was the one that we tried and really liked. Since there wasn't a line for Rakuzen, we went with that one and ...... ta-daaaaa ... it WAS the one that we fell head over heels with at KL. The view offered inside Rakuzen is really nice, we got a beautiful view of the sea all the way to Straits Quay though I found the ventilation inside the room to be a tad stuffy.

I don't know why Hubs and I even bothered to look at the menu, we were there for one thing only: the sake oyako don. It is by far the best salmon sashimi and vinegar rice we've ever had. The salmon belly is soft, fresh and delectable. I asked Hubs if I did enough good deeds in life, would I find bowlfuls of this waiting for me in Heaven?

Hubs couldn't resist ordering a place of sushi rolls so we settled on this ... sorry, I can't quite remember the name but it's pressed salmon-something, it reminded me of a sandwich with rice but although it was pleasant, it didn't wow us. I think the next time we're there, we would skip the sushi rolls and have an extra plate of salmon to go with our salmon don.

I was really keen for Hokkaido ice cream and crepes like the one at Gardens, Mid Valley but Rakuzen Gurney Paragon had a smaller dessert range so we settled on green tea ice-cream with red bean and cheesecake. Again, it was yummy but I thought it was a little overpriced for the tiny slices of cheesecake (though very rich and decadent) and the green tea ice-cream was dense in flavour.

Prices are on the high side though I'd say, the quality of the food makes up for it. I love that Rakuzen is now available in Penang so that's one less reason to go down to KL. Now if only Ikea and Zara can open branches here ...

163D-6-37, Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Tel: 04-218 9900
Business Hours: 11:30am - 3:00pm & 6:00pm - 11:00pm

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