Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet Treats Are Made of These

Weekends are meant for family meals together. My dad enjoys buffets; we grew up being familiar with most hotels layout because of my dad's obsession with buffets so that now he's a senior citizen, he's chuffed that he gets half off and still eats the same amount. Here he is being entertained by Bubs whom he spoils rotten.

Bubs and me - he's such a wriggly little thing now, it's hard to get him to stay still for photos. Here he is doing his "roarrrrrrrrrrrr" sign.

We dropped by Mon Delice to place an order for Bubs's birthday cake and I was seduced by all these tempting sweet treats. For times when I'm too frenzied and worked up, I need to remember this. And also, to de-stress with desserts. Lots of good desserts.

So I went out from the shop carrying jars of layered desserts: berry napoleon and tiramisu. A very sweet afternoon indeed :)

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