Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodies and Lunch at Italiannies

If I'm going to break my shopping ban, I might as well do it with in style ;) Met up with Glam Girl for a much needed girly window shopping which ended up becoming a splurge session.

If you need proof why I call her glamourous, look at this: lime green fitted tunic, white capris, gold strappy heels and a colourful beaded clutch.

Hubs said I looked like I rolled out of bed wearing pyjamas - he doesn't understand my current obsession for stripes ;)

Hubs was nice enough to take Bubs for a walk while Glam Girl and I started shopping  boosting the retail economy and chatted non stop about things. We then met up with Hubs and Bubs at Italiannies for a carb-ladden lunch. We were staggering from the amount and portions of the dishes there.

Complimentary herb and white bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So simple yet sooo yummy.

The Sicilian Chicken salad was a winner! There were generous pieces of grapes and mango cubes tossed into the mixture and it was such a refreshing addition. We'd to dig out most of the mangoes for Bubs though who insisted on only eating them.

We never fail to order a pizza and pasta there - mainly because I'm boring that way and I love my comfort food, LOL. The peperoni pizza, meatballs spaghetti and Bubs's spaghetti bolognese was pretty good. I've had a few misses previously when they over salted the pasta sauce but this round's version was nicely done. I also like that the kids free meals are served in decent portions and doesn't taste like it came out from a box.

As for my shopping haul ...

I've a couple of wedding invitations so figured it'd be alright to spend on a pair of MAC false eyelashes. These look weird in the picture because I got the makeup artist to fit and trim them for me as the lashes are usually too long. Considering the fact I don't wear falsies a lot, I didn't want to get Duo eyelash glue (RM40) at MAC - my previous tube became all yucky from disuse. Sue (thank you, Hun!) told me that she was using Eye Putti (RM30) from Sasa so I got a bottle to try. Glam Girl and I were a little confused at first because the label on the box said it's for creating a double fold eyelid but Sue assured me that you could use it for falsies too.

Don't you just love Back 2 MAC? I traded 6 empties for Russian Red. Yes, I'm a bright red lippie kinda gal.

I lusted after the Dorothy Perkins border feather prom dress when I saw it on the website. The trouble with the tiny lil Dorothy Perkins store that we have in Penang is that they often don't have a lot of the stuff seen online so to say that I was thrilled to see it in store was an understatement. It doesn't help that Glam Girl was such an enabler(!!!) so I tried to justify to myself that at least I'll be able to wear this for my cousin J's wedding next weekend. 

The Alchemy mandarin shampoo was my belated birthday gift from Glam Girl *squeals with glee* I'm a huge fan of their shampoos and was upset when Sasa stopped carrying them so she got me a huge bottle when she was on holiday. Thanks for a great time together and my present, can't wait to see you the next time, Glam Girl! 


  1. So glad you're blogging, N!

    Thanks for sharing your world with us.

    SSG xxx

    1. I love reading all your posts & you inspired to start! :)

  2. Me likey your friend's outfit, very parisian chic. And yours too of course, as always :) Btw nothing like the hubby taking the little one away for a bit so you can sneak in a lil shopping right? More so with a gal pal. And I love the food in Italiannes. If you dine during the weekday, you get to collect 4 stamps, after that can redeem one free meal course, hehe.

    1. Awww, thanks :) You are so right about hubbies babysitting while we go shop up a storm! Love your Thomas Sabo key pendent, it does look very Tiffany-ish. Really? I'd no idea Italiannies lets you have stamps, thanks for letting me know!


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