Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lunch boxes

Bubs started Standard 1 waaaaay back in January and we've been trying to cope with the massive change of schedule (earlier bedtime, earlier wake up time), given that he starts classes at 7.30am plus the whole of Penang seems to be on the roads at that time. He seems to like his school so far, making heaps of friends and adjusting to the routine. 

I've taken to packing his lunch box the night before so it wouldn't be so much of a mad rush the next morning. Bubs also gets a RM1 daily allowance but I've managed to convince him that if he skips buying junk from the canteen, he can spend his allowance to his heart's content on weekends. Bubs is happy with his lunch boxes and is great at sharing them with his buddies during recess. I also try not to visibly flinch when he says his friends share their canteen loot like fries with him, haha!

Aussie Godma got us some great bento lunchboxes during her last trip back and those are great for packing quick snacks on the go. Bubs loves nothing more than chocolate so Nutella days are red letter days for him :D

I try to pack some kind of fruit for him daily so I've taken to buying tiny fruits that are easy to pop into lunch boxes. These minature paradise pears are perfect to nibble on and don't require any kind of prep.

I've also taken to filling the fridge with single serve snacks that are a tiny treat for him.

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