Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Bubs and I have been relentlessly nagging *ahem* reminding Hubs to take out the Xmas tree from storage since November. One fine morning, Hubs finally put up the tree amidst whoops of joy. We played Xmas songs, sang out loud the lyrics that we knew and hummed the ones that we didn't know.

We blew dust off the ornaments, recalled happy memories of each one.

"Look, Mummy, I made this gingerbread man from clay when I was small!"

"Awww, we made this felt snowman together!"

"Teacher made this paper crane one last Xmas for me!"

"Remember the time when you were tiny, you snuck out and unwrapped all of the little giftboxes ornaments on the tree?"

"Well, I wanted to see what was inside ..."

My heart filled with equal parts love and wistfulness, looking at my not-so-little-anymore boy as he scampered about, carefully picking the right spot for each ornament. His face is losing its baby-fat from his cheeks; they no longer wobble whenever he runs, his limbs becoming longer and leaner but that expression on his face is still the same. Giddy with excitement at the smallest things. Hopping and skipping about whenever he's delighted. Throwing his arms around me and planting kisses on my face. I wish I could freeze this moment forever.

Here's to the beginning of a lovely festive season :)

1 comment:

  1. How exciting seeing that tree up for the first time at Christmas. But so many emotions too.

    SSG xxx


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