Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bub's Art

Recently Bubs likes to doodle random things on blank pieces of paper that he scavenges around the house. I've tried persuading him to document them all in an art journal but he refuses so whenever he leaves little drawings, I snap photos of them.

This was a superhero colouring book but he got bored with colouring it so he stuck the stickers on the blank side and started drawing his own version of them. Sooo cute and he's very proud of his artwork.

This is this other passion: sketches of robots. I've to admit, the frenzied glint in their eyes do have a certain charm to them ;)

He loves his Chalkapella tee which is the perfect canvas for his creations. Bubs is learning how to spell and his scribbles are sometimes so funny that we can't help but to snicker at them. He figured out the word "nite" by sounding it and asked if that's how to spell the Dark Knight. Technically he's right (or should I say rite?) so we left it as that. The other day, he told us that he wants to "meet a parrot, Mummy, M-E-A-T!"

And we're working on farewell gifts for his schoolmates for his last year at kindy.

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