Monday, November 28, 2016


Bubs was enthusiastic about his kindy graduation. He practised his songs, dances at home and kept reminding Hubs and I to prepare our speeches for it. Bubs even let the cat out of the bag by showing me the surprise song that the teacher taught them for the parents and warned me not to tell his teacher. On the other hand, I was dreading this momentous milestone; I tear up at anything sentimental and not keen on the idea of my sweet lil baby growing up so fast. 

When the teacher started talking about how hard the children have prepared for this day, his shoulders started rolling in, his face glum. The moment the 6 year olds started singing, Bub's eyes turned red and he started sobbing. It went on like that for every single performance, they had to pause a few times for Bubs to go to the washroom to clean his face :(

Bubs cried so much that he even set one of the other mums off! She started dabbing her eyes and was emotional during her speech.

Hubs and I were impressed with all of the crafts Bubs worked on for his graduation. He made a beautifully decorated drum out of a Milo tin for the Rasa Sayang song. There was a star crown that Bubs was reluctant to remove at the end of the day. I was particularly amazed with the hand woven cloth bag that he made himself. Each 6 year old worked hard at their loom with brightly coloured yarn throughout the school year, finger knit a chain of loops for the straps followed by sewing the bag up all by themselves!

We were treated to morning tea with the graduating class and by then, Bubs was back to his old, cheerful self. The 6 year olds set the table beautifully, complete with placemats and napkins.

It felt so different to have Bubs being so attentive to us for a change: he poured tea for us, carefully picked up cakes, buns and fruit with the tongs. Plus it was fun to see how he and his friends chatted to each other about who could eat the most food at one go.

The children were getting antsy at being indoors and having to sit quietly that by the time the teacher opened the door for outside play, they all surged into the garden. Most of the girls sat by a bowl of water, scrunching the butterfly pea flowers into it while exclaiming excitedly as the water deepened into a shade of indigo.

Another group of children were equal parts fascinated and respectful with the tiny caterpillar cocoon they found at the tip of a leaf.

And that was it! My not-so-quite-a-baby-anymore has graduated from kindy and will very soon be stepping into primary school :)

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