Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Penang Mini Maker Faire

Bubs was all geared up for the Penang Mini Maker Faire as they promised cool robotics and fun science stuff. We were really impressed with the set up. All of the events were free upon registering at the entrance and the volunteers were passionate about their products. It also gave us a sneak peek into what the future possibly holds for Bub's generation. 

Bubs was proud of his name badge that he coloured at the registration booth.

This mind control machine reminds me of Professor X from X Men. It converts your brain waves into kinetic energy and requires razor sharp focus to move the object in the glass tunnel.

Bubs was really gung ho about pounding on the fruits and veg circuit board to get the e-piano on the laotop to play.

This cool invention was another thing that reminded me of Hollywood blockbusters: a remote controlled robotic hand. Ironman, anyone? The gears in the robotic hand were surprisingly responsive and smooth.

Food trucks lined outside along with a shaded area for people to snack in. Bubs was ravenous after a few sessions of playing with the demo exhibits.

There was something for everyone. This is Hubs gamely giving the methane filled soap bubbles a go. Bubs was in awe for ages after this experiment.

The soldering bit was the last activity we did for the day and for good reason. Hubs and Bubs were supposed to make a LED lit keychain. We gave Bubs multiple warnings about how hot soldering irons were and ... he promptly forgot, picked it up by the wrong end and ... OUCH.

Bubs was wailing from the pain and I brought him to the first aid station that promptly took him to the rest room to rinse his finger in cold water. The volunteers were really helpful and calmed Bubs down. He was left with a nasty looking blister but the next day, Bubs was actually proud of his "bubble" and showed it off to everyone at school ;)

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