Monday, October 3, 2016

Little Things

Little things that kept me sane during the frentic month that was. 

From the little dinky plastic fish tank that we've had, Hubs finally agreed on upgrading to a 12 gallon glass fish tank. We now have red cherry shrimp, guppies, cardinal and rummy nose tetras. Family bonding time nowadays consist of Bubs holding the net while Hubs and I plunge our arms into the tank to catch pesky aquatic snails, I kid you not.

I'm starting to feel wistful whenever Bubs brings home one of his crayon decorated paper bags containing bread he made at school. He makes them in the weirdest shapes sometimes. I fished out what I thought was a snowman. "It's a muscle man, Mummy." Bubs corrected, frowning.

Lovisa opened at Queensbay and we flocked to its glitzy accessories like magpies. These were happily added to my shopping bag.

A friend got these gorgeous Havianas for me from Brazil at a fraction of the retail price here and they couldn't have arrived at a better time. I accidentally tore a bit off my toe nail and the the wound was agonising that I ended up wearing these brightly coloured beauties to the office for a week.

I've never read these Puffin classics as a child so I eagerly popped them on my to-be-read pile. There's something comforting and cheerful about reading vintage childrens books. I got hooked after completing Anne of Green Gables this year and look forward to devouring these.

1 comment:

  1. Will be watching excitedly for fish tank progress.

    I heart those Havs.

    SSG xxx


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