Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Marching Out

March has been such a whirlwind for us, there was a week long spring break plus work was incredibly hectic.

We took advantage of the sunny weather to arrange play dates outdoors as early as possible in the morning. Bubs and his chum had so much fun monkeying around at the Youth Park playground before dipping into the refreshingly cool wading pool.

This was at a friend's new place and for some reason, Bubs is absolutely terrific of water slides. He refuses to go down, no matter how much we try to cajole him.

We've had several new additions to our little family. Folks, I present to you ...

Swimmy, Sharky and Sucky - don't look at me, Bubs decided on the names for our guppies. A friend was so successful in breeding them that she gave us some baby guppies. I was in charge of decorating the aquarium, Bubs feeds them when he remembers and Hubs is in charge of sanitisation.

Hubs has been (literally) rolling out meatballs. He makes them fresh from mince and they taste amazing with pasta sauce. Bubs and I keep begging him to make extra to freeze for quick dinners.

I've probably shared this before: Bub's school has a bun making session weekly where the kids get to roll out the dough and add extras, like sunflower seeds and raisins. They draw on the brown paper bag and I love snapping photos of Bub's artwork. 

Speaking of school, they've started teaching Bubs some Chinese this year. Hubs and I find his writing to be so cute!

He's also showing an interest in sketching. My Mum thought that these were mice ;)

Plus, he has a "special" gal pal now at school :) They like to send each other love notes and it's so sweet!

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