Saturday, March 5, 2016


Aunt D gave Bubs the coolest gift: a Chalkapella t-shirt. This is such an amazing concept: a washable blackboard fabric surface printed on a white cotton tee. The secret lies within the box of chalks bundled with each tee; these are smudge proof and dustless so Bubs could chalk to his heart's content.

Plus, Chalkapella pledges to allocate 10% from its revenue to children in need, so you're only wearing a truly unique one of a kind tee but also putting a smile on the needy too.

Each box comes with 3 primary colours: red, blue, yellow plus 2 sticks of white. The colours were vibrant against the black background though you kind of have to press on them harder for it to pop more. Rest assured that the chalks are very sturdy so they don't break that easily, unless the old school, powdery ones that snap into half. Don't worry if you end up with a wobbly line as you can fix mistakes by gently rubbing with a damp cloth.


Bubs got straight to work sketching his picture.


Even my Mum couldn't resist and added some finishing touches. "Use more colours, fill up the space!" she urged.

Bubs with his finished (and wearable) work of art.

After seeing the fun both of them had, I wanted a go at it too ;)

What better way to test how smudge-proof the tee was than a 2 hour practise session? True to its promise, the pictures stayed on and we were impressed. Bubs is also extra pleased with the Star Wars fabric cover that my Mum made for him.

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