Sunday, April 24, 2016

Around KL

I'd a work trip in April so it was a very chilled out and relaxed family trip for us to drive to KL. We gatecrashed KL Godma's place for a few nights, she has the best snacks ready for us and she even got Bubs premium chocolate mil: hostess with the most-est!

Every single time we're there, she always has some kind of new curio; take this gorgeous terrarium for example. Bubs was so fascinated with this and kept opening the top to take a peek inside.

KL Godma was fed up with my obsession for endless shopping and decided that this bunch of Penang-ites needed to see that there are greener pastures other than Penang.

"So  you've dragged us to a mini version of the Penang Botanical Gardens?" was my first incredulous question upon stepping into the TTDI Park.

Just when R, KL Godma's friend, thought that he has gotten used to how difficult I am, I probably gave him new causes to raise his eyebrows ;) KL Godma gave a sigh and with a patient smile firmly fixed on her face, she insisted that we take one walk around the park before dinner.

"It's hottttttt ... remind me again why are we exercising on a holiday?" I whined asked.

"Because someone ate too much." Hubs gave a pointed look at my tummy.

R muttered something about needing a jog and literally ran away.

"Look, someone's fishing!" Bub's shout stopped us from bickering.

There was a pond, murky green but dotted with dozens of golden streaked fish and squatting at the side on a flat boulder, was a young boy hooking in his small prize with nothing more than a hook and some string.

"There's a tiny stream ahead where you can catch fish easily," KL Godma said as Bubs slipped his hand into hers.

I'd to admit, it was peaceful strolling around the lush greenery and watching people enjoying themselves outdoors. There was a slight breeze that broke through the stifling humidity and even though I was perspiring madly, it was a refreshing change to wander about without a care in the world.

"Mummy, look, fishies!" Bubs squealed as he carefully made his way down to the edge of the creek and peered into the water. He was so intrigued to watch other children catch the fish with a small net and looked longingly at the cool water trickling by.

"Leptospirosis ..." I hissed whispered to KL Godma.

Her turn to give me an incredulous look :)

We compromised at this huge, flat grassy area close to the exit. If the previous parts of were an oasis of serenity and calm, this was Kiddy Happy Land. There was a man selling shallow dishes of bubble liquid and different wand sizes. Bubs went crazy with excitement as he chased the bubbles and tried to pop them.

"Daddy, buy me the bubbles and I'll love you!" he tugged at Hub's t-shirt.

Hubs shrugged - where else could you buy a kid's love for just RM3?

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