Sunday, February 7, 2016

Just a Day More

Just a day more before Chinese New Year starts and Bubs is more than excited about it.

We've been feasting on snacks and our favourite this year is pineapple tarts *nom nom nom*

Bubs celebrated risshun at school where they made masks and threw soybeans, chanting "sickness and sadness outside, happiness inside!" He said he played the part of the ogre and went around collecting the soybeans in the room.

We dropped by Fairy Godma's relative's house and marveled at all of the gorgeous decorations. I especially loved the tree that had Xmas ornaments with red Chinese lanterns and pink blossoms on it.

Hubs and I attended Bub's school's annual CNY festival and this time felt so bittersweet. I can't believe this is his last year of kindy and he won't be able to sing and dance like this again in primary school.

Hub's mum lovingly handmade this Mandarin collared shirt for him using a cute dino print fabric I got from Fabric Fanatics. I'd no idea that she was such a gifted seamstress and my only regret was not thinking of this much earlier when Bubs was way younger! I love how quirky the print is so he could wear this during weekends and not just only on CNY.

Bubs was immensely proud of being one of the "big children" and they did a special dance, 凤阳花鼓.  It was fun seeing him play with his friends at school and a little bird told me that he now has a special gal pal at school ;) Apparently she even rests her head on his shoulder and once told him "I love you!" Awwww :D

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