Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Lego World

Bubs is recently into a Lego kick and we've been lucky to have family that buy some sets for him as gifts. Seriously, Lego and Duplo are the best investments ever - they never lose their playability factor and the quality of these just lasts forever. My bestie still has her 20 year old Lego set and apart from the white bricks yellowing, they are still as good as new.

I like how Bubs merges both his Lego and Duplo bricks with his other toys. I marveled at how swiftly he formed towns and arches, complete with Hot Wheels cars zipping along.

And of course, your friendly neighbourhood dragon wrecking havoc on the people of Legoville.

Life's good when you are the creator of your own little empire :) Never grow out of that brilliant and fearless creativity that all children are born with, Bubs, and the world will be your oyster.


  1. So adorable !! Matt has been pestering me to get him the Star Wars Lego set...hahaha...will see how :)

    1. It's super addictive, for sure 1 set boh kao! I can't wait for the Simpsons mini figurines to arrive here.


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