Monday, May 19, 2014

3 Things

There were 3 things for the week that definitely made me feel awesome :)

My love of anything and everything green tea has expanded to these packs of green tea Kit Kats and Oreos I found at Jusco. Each time I see a green tea Kit Kat, it reminds me of the time where Hubs went to Japan for a business trip. Bubs and I were supposed to tag along but we didn't manage to get Bub's passport and visa done in time so Hubs went by himself. I requested for green tea Kit Kats, he said he couldn't find any and I told him to go look harder.

Then the huge earthquake of 2011 happened and Hubs was stranded there. When he managed to get a flight out and reached Penang, I literally flung myself (and Bubs as well, since he was a tiny baby and I was carrying him) into his arms, sobbed tears of joy that he was back ... people in the airport were all staring at me like I was a nutter ... when I calmed down, my first question was "Did you get me green tea Kit Kats?"

*face palm moment for Hubs*

Fairy Godma loaned me the best book I've read all year - John Green's The Fault in our Stars. Don't let the young adult label put you off, this is very well written with brilliant dialogue and some intensely heart wrenching scenes. I think I was already sobbing uncontrollably about a quarter into the book. I got a bunch of his other books at 30% off from Popular and slowly savouring them.

Toys R Us finally had the minifigures from the Lego movie and the Simpsons in and one of the staff was kind enough to help me feel through the blind bags to find the Panda Guy. I was a little amused to see grown men standing at the counter and feeling their way through the blind bags methodically while most of the kids weren't interested in them! I'm really hoping to find Mr. Burns - all rounder evil dude - and Ralph Wiggum (Me fail English? That's un-possible). Too bad they didn't release an Edna Krabappel or Sideshow Bob minifigure. Bubs have been given strict instructions that these are Mummy's toys and he'll inherit them when Mummy's reallllllly old ;)


  1. I have that book too but never got around to reading it.

    1. They're launching the movie pretty soon. I was crying "it's sooo sad" out loud and Hubs was so annoyed, lol.


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