Sunday, May 25, 2014

O' My Georgetown! Books, Arts & Crafts Fair

I'm so proud of how the arts scene in Penang is thriving, what with all the weekend markets and art exhibitions. Island Plaza hosted O' My Georgetown - Penang's first books, arts and craft fair and I couldn't resist heading over for a peek.

Bubs was mesmerised with the pair of giant, mustached cardboard bunnies right at the entrance.He wasn't that keen on the arts and craft section so Hubs took him over the books section while I'd a quick browse around the area. There were sooo many interesting tables that covered photography, thought provoking literature, card making, book binding and even fashion.

Milly Milk Ville had whimsically painted wood pieces crafted into wearable jewelry and the cutest range of cloth binded journals.


Check this out - illustrations of nothing but kitty cats! Pouty, grumpy, cuddly furballs in all colours by KLoh E Le Chat. I couldn't resist picking up one of the tiny, hand painted cat pictures that kind of reminds me of Bubs, half mischievous, half devil-ish. 

The Listen to My HeArt charity art sale and exhibition organised by the Malaysian Resource Centre for Hearing and Speech-Language (Marches) had a range of paintings done by individuals with autism. 

One of the most intricate and delicate work of art was by Timeless Realm, her paper cuttings and illustrations were so gorgeous and I wish I could afford to bring back a piece. 

I thought I'd seen everything at book fairs but I was blown away with the antique books that Leo Books had for a reasonable price. There were books by Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and even a copy of Debrett's Peerage from the 40s. The musty, intoxicating smell of old books, the feel of the thick paper and gilded covers had me browsing for ages. 

Some of the inscription on the books fascinated me more than the actual content. This copy of Lorna Doone was a prize presented o a student of the St. Martin's School during the mid 30s, just look at the impeccable cursive handwriting! 

I came back carting these gems - a 50 year old Enid Blyton book, a 30 year old Dandy and what I thought would be the perfect introductory book for Bubs (when he's a little bigger) to myths and legends. 

And of course, my lil super hero refused to leave without this Super Hero Squad annual ;) This book kept him busy and very quiet while I was browsing through the OMG fair so Hubs insisted on rewarding him with it.


  1. It looks like it was so much fun!

    SSG xxx

    1. Most of the 2nd hand books were from the 80s so it was a good walk down memory lane!


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