Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dear Bubs: 32 Months

 Dear Bubs,

I can't believe what a difference a few months have made. You seem to have shed most of your baby-ness and become a little boy now. The most obvious physical change is that you seem to have gone through a growth spurt and have grown taller, you're about half my height now though as Daddy has mentioned, I'm too much of a shortie for this to mean anything much!

You're getting a lot better at this potty training business and you're nearly diaper free during the day except for times when we're out and about - this is purely Daddy and my fault because we're germ-phobics and hate bringing you to public toilets. You surprised Por Por by waking up in the middle of your afternoon nap to say you had to wee-wee and then promptly went back to sleep after going to the loo.

You have the most vivid dreams during the night. Once, in the middle of the night, you woke up Daddy to say "Daddy, I just farted!" ... we are both scratching our heads wondering what that dream was all about. You have also been known to suddenly shout in your sleep "I'm flying from the window!" followed by lots of giggles. Daddy says you definitely inherited this sleep talking gene from me.

Traffic lights are fascinating to you now. You'll crane your neck out trying to spot what colour the traffic light is and shout it out. At small junctions where the traffic light is meant for the main road and the car is allowed to turn left without needing to wait for the lights, you'll scold us saying "Daddy, the light is red, STOP". It takes a lot of explanation at how some traffic lights are meant for cars going straight/turning right/etc.

You are now more adept at making conversation and you certainly ask lots of questions. You follow us around like a little shadow asking "mah-meeee, dah-deeeee, what are you doing?", "what is that?". Daddy has pointed out that you're getting a lot better at retorts. Previously whenever I tell you not to sit too close to the telly, you'd meekly just move back. Now you tell me very earnestly "I not sitting too close!". Is this a sneak preview into what you'll be like as a teenager? ;)

You've gotten into the habbit of picking up inanimate objects and pretending that they're phones to hold imaginary conversations with your grandparents. Your pretend phone chats are really brief, you'd go "hmmmm, hmmm, yes, ok, bye bye Grandpa!" followed by a poke to the "phone" to signal that you've ended the call. Just last month you were at the supermarket holding up a black of cheese to your ear and calling Por Por on it. When Daddy told you not to stray too far away, a much bemused bystander told Daddy "he's much too busy talking to his block of cheese".

To my amazement, you can curl your tongue! You've also recently gotten into the habit of putting your finger to your pursed up lips and saying "mummy, shhhhh" when I start nagging talking to you. Daddy never fails to find this funny :p

Every morning, after intensely watching Daddy apply gel to his hair, you've started demanding for gel too, so Daddy has resorted to applying imaginary gel from the back of his hand to your hair. You're so happy about this that you get really upset if we accidentally ruffle your hair, shouting "don't touch my gel!".

You seem to really like elderly folks a lot, you speak to them in a mixture of Hokkien and Teochew and like sitting next to them, chatting to them about anything and everything. You love going to Grandpa's house and enjoy teasing him a lot. One of the best things you love right now is to sit next to Grandpa and watching cartoons together. Both of you laugh together watching classics like Tom & Jerry. I find this really heartwarming because I've fond memories of doing the same :)

Love you lots,

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