Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Things of Joy

Late work nights. Housework. Bubs in his Terrible Twos.


I know I should count my blessings. Working late means at least I'm still employed and my boss trusts me running a couple of projects for him. With housework comes a home, a sumbol of how hard we've worked to save up for our very own place. And Bubs, my little pint sized terror on two legs. As strong willed as I am, well, maybe even more. His staccato shouts whenever he is displeased "This ... is ... MY ... toy! Arrrgh!" Despite all that, he is still the cherry on top of my cake.

Here are a few little things of joy that have helped throughout the work stretched week :)

Hubs's brother and his wife had their registration of marriage - my new sis-in-law is such a sweet girl. Congrats, you lovebirds!

Remember my calamansi plant that I stole borrowed from my Dad? After Chinese New Year, Bubs and I stripped all of the fruit from the plant because my parents told me these are usually sprayed with chemicals to make the fruit a nice gold colour. I've been diligently watering the plant and using leftover tea to fertilise it and I was thrilled when it started blooming tiny little white flowers that have the most delicate scent. Wonder if this means it'll start fruiting soon again.

I have this thing for Korean food, not just the barbequed bulgogi but all the little assortment of dishes that come along with it. It's like those freebie toys that came attached in cereal boxes, you never know what you're going to get and that's part of the fun. My favourite has to be the kimchi pickled radishes that are sooo crunchy. 

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