Monday, May 27, 2013

Cuti Cuti Malaysia: An Ipoh Stop + a Night at Cameron Highlands

We took a mini break just going around our favourite places for the past week :) As we hate crowds and traffic jams, we planned this trip very carefully to coincide right before the school holidays start, before the Wesak day public holiday plus strictly on weekdays only.

Our first stop was at Burps & Giggles in Ipoh and the owner had a nice, long chat with us. We're head over heels over the lovely atmosphere, decadent food and fantastic service - not necessarily all in that order.

Look at the whimsical wall art they have.

Not to mention the yummiest food, hands down. This round we had a bagel with a soft egg and lamb rashers, churros (again! *hearts*) and crepes with Mars bars chunks with pears. If you love the heart, robust flavour of lamb, the bagel is a must try, it was simply out of this world, all the flavours went perfectly and even Bubs was attacking this. The Mars bars crepes was sinfully rich and delish right down to the last bite.We tah pao-ed a large box of sweet treats and had a long, leisurely drive up to Cameron Highlands.

My family used to make frequent trips there and I'd memories of bundling up in cosy sweaters as a child at Cameron Highlands, so I was a little disappointed that the weather there wasn't cold as I was expecting it to be. We all walked around during the day without jackets. Still Bubs wasn't complaining, he had a blast there plucking strawberries (his favourite fruit) and running around without breaking a sweat.

We stopped by the EQ strawberry farm where you pay RM25 for a group of two to pluck 500gm worth of fresh strawberries. Be warned that the inside of the farm is very steep and not exactly the best place to go traipsing around in heels. There were spots there we'd to carefully balance the tray full of strawberries and hold on tightly to Bubs to avoid tumbles.

Take a deep breath the moment you step inside the farm, the crisp air was filled with the heady aroma of ripe strawberries. Bubs squealed upon seeing all the pots of plants with juicy red strawberries hanging invitingly from the top and insisted on plucking most of them.

We had afternoon tea at the Cameron Highlands Resort which was known as the Merlin way back then. Stepping into the tea room was like taking a step back into old colonial times: it was filled with wooden flooring, heavy leather furniture, breezy ceiling fans and rugs casually thrown. Tea was RM60 for two and it came with a decent spread of divine scones with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam, fresh strawberries with a pot of melted chocolate, savoury sandwiches and dainty cakes.

We then took a long, leisurely drive around and stopped at the Smokehouse Inn, one of the most picturesque spots to stretch our legs. The English style gardens were filled with colourful blooms and hydrangeas bigger than my head!

We found this vast, green lawn opposite the Smokehouse Inn and went wild there. We ran, we jumped and we romped. I wished we'd brought along some snacks and a good book, it would have been the perfect picnic spot.

Hubs insisted that the must do thing at Cameron Highlands was a steamboat dinner so we happily obliged. By night time, the weather had chilled considerably though it still wasn't cold enough yet for jackets. Bubs made do with a long sleeved top while we happily feasted. What I disliked about the place was that nearly every table had people smoking, even those sitting indoors so we were in a rush to finish our meal.

By the time we went back to the hotel and had a shower, we opened the windows and peeked out into the night sky to find eerie, pale white mists, almost like something from a supernatural movie. Creepy and loads of fun. 

The next day, we checked out and went onwards to the second part of our journey ...

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