Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Acquisitions

So remember my shopping ban? Well ... I kinda broke it a little over the weekend, but in my defense, these were all really good deals - you can see Hubs rolling his eyes over here now.

I first bought these Vincci heels in black and loved them so much because they are comfy, have a metal heel and little pleats so I ended up buying another pair in pale mint. There's a rebate now where you get RM10 off applied directly to the purchase price for anything above RM50, so these were a bargain.

I'm a huge fan of Archie comics so when MAC released its Archie's Girls collection, I couldn't resist getting something. Since it's so hard to pick between girl-next-door Betty and poor-little-rich-girl Veronica, I went with the MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me, a soft coral highlighter with Archie, Betty and Veronica on the cover. The only way MAC can possibly top this would be to come out with a Jughead (my personal favourite) collection!

I was lemming for another red lipstick and since a friend was flying back from the US, she got me this beauty - NARS sheer lipstick in Manhunt. The colour is as striking as its name; it is a glossy watermelon red that is wearable daily and also you can layer it on for a stronger look.

We went to Baby Zac's full moon party and can I tell you how amazing was the cake and dessert table? It was at a hotel's buffet lunch so there were lots of yummy food options.

Hubs and Bubs went nuts at the roti canai stall, especially over the roti tissue which was sooo good when drizzled with condensed milk, mmmmmm ...

Did everyone else had a great weekend?

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