Sunday, July 3, 2016

Over the Weekend

The best weekends, are often the most uneventful ones, time spent with family and friends, good food and just pottering around.

Bubs met up with the 2 Nats at the Spice Arena public pool. Stoked that we were the first customers of the day, we had the entire children's pool to ourselves for a good part of the morning. They frolicked in the chilly water for hours, chasing and splashing each other.

Weekend uniforms are mainly a white top and skinny jeans with a statement necklace added for some bling. Hubs calls this my Cleopatra necklace.

With Bubs photobombing in the back :) Since it's a somewhat shaky close up, let me tell you how much I love my Cambridge Satchel cloud bag. It's a structured, stiff leather but fits in all my stuff and the twist lock is a much welcomed change from its previous leather buckles.

I went succulent shopping again! The nursery at Green Lane (past the Caltex station) has a wide range of small succulents, from prickly ones that I eschewed to pretty leafy stems. The friendly owners are full of handy tips for looking after plants - an alternative to watering the succulents is to just soak the pot in a shallow tray of water for the roots to suck in moisture.

Here's to hoping that this can last more than a few weeks. I got this unglazed, wide pot from the pottery shop close to the Waterfall Gardens for just RM13.

The Kimberly Street duck noodle stall has been operating for decades. When I was Bub's age, my parents used to take us there for dinner and it seems fitting that now, Hubs and I brought Bubs along with my parents and brother there. We ordered up a storm and Hubs is still in awe of how much food we managed to polish off.

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