Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Weekend

It was one of those humid days where schedules are thankfully empty and all you can be bothered to do is hang out with some pals.

We met up with Bub's cousin, Olivia, for lunch. The two of them bonded over a mutual love for Lego and played happily for hours, eating, talking and building.

My cousin, Jean, got me this gorgeous floral print midi skirt from Zara and it's one of the most flattering plus comfy skirts ever. It's high waisted so it sucks in annoying tummy fat (yes, I know, less food, more exercise ;) ) but it's not as tight as a pencil skirt, it's incredibly comfortable. It looks sleek and polished with a black, fitted tee and cute when paired with a blush coloured top.

Another thing to cross off Bub's to-do list as a kid: watching hobbyists with their remote controlled helicopters. My Dad told me stories of how when he was a kid, he'd go to that very same field to fly his toy plane so I was eager for Bubs and I to just hang out there for a while. The hobbyists were a very friendly and enthusiastic bunch, chatting to us about the various models. If you're keen to drop by, they are usually there 11.30am on weekends.

Bubs followed me for a quick stroll at the Waterfalls plants nursery. It's a massive space occupied by a few separate businesses with reasonably priced pots, lush greenery (not that many cacti or air plants though) and there was a pottery class in session, complete with a kiln.

Pots of all sizes, shapes and colours scattered across the grounds.

I know, it's the auntie in me that is starting to appreciate all the gorgeous greenery.

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