Monday, June 27, 2016

All About Bubs

A round up of all the activities that Bubs have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks. Still in denial that he's going to be in primary school next year, where did all those years of clinging tightly to me, slipping that once chubby hand of his into mine, that sweet lilting voice go to?

My Dad is hates drawing attention to himself - so it's definitely love for his grandson that allows him to get over this to let Bubs sing Happy Birthday loudly in a restaurant complete with candle blowing and cutting the cake.

These Magna Tiles have been one of our best buys. They are insanely heavy and the closest place that stocks them in a retail outlet is Singapore so I have been relying on the kindness of some folks to cart back a few sets of the 32 piece ones for us. Bubs got frustrated with them when he was much younger because these are more fiddly than Lego but when his fine motor skills got better, he liked them more.

Houses and vehicles for his dolls action figures. I love eavesdropping whenever he plays with his toys, he puts on different (but always gruff) voices for each character.

He likes sketching colourful robots and ninjas.

His school has a list of birthday children in its monthly newsletter so we make birthday cards for each of them to practise his handwriting.

Crafting with cupcake liners. Thank you, Google, for being filled with so many cool ideas for us to borrow.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to try this sensory activity. I got a few packets of Daiso's water beads for plants and since I didn't use up all of them, I handed over a tub to Bubs with strict instructions not to eat them, a bowl of shaving cream, a bowl of ice cubes and some scoops. He had so much fun with them! These bounce like crazy on the floor so be careful not to drop them, they also break if you step on them plus the clear ones are virtually invisible once they get mixed into a tub of water.

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