Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Little Bit of This

When work gets hectic, one of the ways I find some quiet pockets of time is to just lie in bed and have a good read. It helps me to keep my sanity and I clutch at the pages, savouring the printed words like a lifesaver. This is just one of my many to-be-read piles from Big Bad Wolf and the recent Popular RM5 sale.

Uniqlo is fast becoming a guilty obsession for me and every Friday, my colleagues and I would hit the mall, scurrying through the limited offer sections. We recently discovered that we could fit into the Girls Relaco XL shorts and it's such a good bargain because it's RM10 cheaper than the adult's range. Not to mention, the Leo Lionni prints are too adorable for words and Bubs is jealous that now my PJs match his bedtime story books :D

And because my cousin, Jean, pointed out that I've been shirking away from outfits of the day posts, here are some of my choices for the past week.

These dusky pink Topshop skinny jeans have been surprisingly versatile and I've been wearing them for years back when coloured jeans were all in the rage. Pairing it with a soft gray pajama-style top, glittery silver sandals plus - if you look hard enough - tiny white tassel earrings.

I have a soft spot for cute prints and these Gap Kids summer tank dress had the cutest animal prints: elephants, giraffes, zebras. I figured since I was going full on whimsical mode, I might as well pop on my crazy black cat flats - also from - yes, you guessed it, Gap Kids. Hubs says he's praying very hard that one of these days, I'll bump into a little girl wearing the exact same dress as me, hmmmph!

I used to be a huge fan of Dorothy Perkins's jersey skater dresses until I realised that the skirt shrinks with repeated washes and becomes scandalously short. Jean hems hers shorter so it becomes a peplum top but I didn't want to shell out anymore money to alter them so I popped a Uniqlo skirt over it. The outer skirt gets more volume as the short skirt inside acts as a sort of a bustle to fluff it out. Plus, the Uniqlo skirt comes with pockets!


  1. I love those coloured jeans! And the elephant print skirt.

    So good to have time just get lost in a good book now and then.

    SSG xxx

    1. Thanks, SSG :D Terrified that one of these days, a little kid will point at my whimsical prints and go "mutton dressed as lamb!"


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