Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Paper Plate Fish Bowl

Much to everyone's amazement (mine included, hah!), our guppies are still alive and we've also managed to add in a couple of cherry red shrimp.

The aquatic plants and gravel are courtesy of work colleagues so all in all, this has been a very cost effective fish tank.

After much begging to bring the fish to kindy for show and tell and being firmly rejected, Bubs was placated with this paper plate version that he happily carted off to school with.

You'll need:
  • Paper plate
  • Felt or paper scraps
  • Beans or pea gravel

I reminded Bubs that the ocean has many different shades of blue so he used a few different tones to colour the paper plate.

He then busied himself with sketching and colouring different fishes on some scrap paper. I helped him cut them out after he added details like eyes and scales. "Winkles, Mummy, they have winkles on their bodies!"

We made good use of the soybeans from his school's risshun festival and leftover felt to decorate the paper plate fish bowl.

His very own fish bowl :)

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