Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beach Bums

Because there's nothing like spending a blisteringly hot afternoon at the beach with your best friend. Trying to hold in your building excitement as you grow impatient with mummy carefully rubbing sunscreen all over you and popping a sun hat on, being warned not-to-remove-it-or-else.

Gleefully squirming away to start the all important tasks of fetching water to pour on the sand for reasons only little boys know why. Loud giggles over silly boyish jokes, building sandcastles before abandoning them midway to dip your tootsies into the warm water, inhaling deeply the salty tang of the ocean breeze.

Digging holes deep into the soft sand, running away shrieking at the top of their voices as they accidentally uncovered a resting crab - I don't know who was more terrified: the boys or the poor crustacean.

Waiting for the frothy tide to rush in, looking for seashells and random pieces of treasure to drift ashore. Finding a tiny clam and trying to be oh-so-gentle as they place it in their bucket with some sand and sea water. Wincing as sand and sting salty water goes into their eyes, trying to heed their mummies' admonition not to rub the particles in anymore and to just-stand-still! as drinking water is used to flush it out.

Before deciding that the best game ever was to just lie flat on your tummy right at the ocean's edge, clinging on the sides of the wet sand as the waves splash over you while keeping a watchful eye over your shoulder just in case a shark decides to nip your toes.

These are the stuff that childhood memories are made of :)

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