Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fresh Pasta

Hubs has been on a fresh pasta making kick lately ever since he saw how easy it was on TV. He has been making it for a couple of days in a row, trying out different resting times and Bubs and I are the happy recipients of his foodie experiments :D

This is the recipe he uses for both pasta and ravioli, both of which we adore equally.Whenever he makes a batch, he hand cuts some noodles out (he's that into it that he's considering getting a pasta maker).

The leftovers get turned into ravioli and yes, you're not seeing things, Hubs put the free pizza cutter we got to good use. Wheeee ... he found it therapeutic slicing through the sheets.

Followed by different ways of folding the ravioli by hand. To think this is the same person that left the piles of clean clothes on the sofa for weeks and told me he was too tired to fold them ;)

I requested for thicker cut noodles and dressed them with a simple squished tomato sauce topped with meatballs. They were so delish that Bubs wolfed everything down, mushrooms (his nemesis) and all!

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