Friday, January 16, 2015

Fashion Friday: Outfits of the Week

A round up of some of the outfits I've been wearing during the past week. 

I can't quite fathom if coloured jeans are still in or so last season but as long as they add a pop of bright colour to outfits, I'm not giving mine up. Plus not to mention, they are insanely comfy when thoroughly worn in. I feel the same about paisley prints, they seem to come and go every now and then so I've given up predicting when they are in fashion.

Finally had a chance to wear this poufy, pansy print midi skirt that I got from Bangkok for a night out. I was going for a 50s vibe with a plain white top, pearl necklace and ruby red lips. I still think I got scalped for the price but I love the beautiful cut and the way the heavy fabric falls around my calves so here's to hoping that this will be a wardrobe staple for me.

This skirt was an eBay gamble as it was listed as the (in)famous Zara gold sequined mini that was wildly popular with the fashion bloggers a couple of years back. I'm still on the fence about its authenticity but for a cheap buy, it's surprisingly of decent quality and the sequins are gorgeous. The waistband is elasticised and slightly loose so maybe I'll try getting a belt to cinch it in.

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