Monday, September 10, 2012

Someone Just Turned 2

Bubs turned 2 over the weekend and it seems that all those sleepless nights, midnight nappy changes, first solids have whizzed past so fast! Was it really 2 whole years ago that squirmy, red-face wailing bundle of joy entered our lives and is now a whirling tornado of non stop movement?

 He received his first card from my Mum in Singapore. Have you ever seen that many stamps on an envelope?!

We had one birthday bash at Chicago Ribs during lunch with the in-laws filled with Good Company (essential for any bash) platefuls of juicy pork ribs and cake. That's Bubs' Great Grandma - he's been learning bits of Teochew and Hokkien from her.

The moment Bubs has been most looking forward to: Cake! He has been talking non stop about his "chock-late cake". We had a 3 layered white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate whooper of a cake that pretty much left everyone in a sugar comatose.

Which kid doesn't love tearing open wrapping paper for pressies? ;) Insanely cute Chipmunk backpack from Siew that Bubs was trying to rip the Chipmunk out for a cuddle. Sis In Law gave a classic doodle board that Bubs has been having a lot of fun with, Hubs can't believe how something so old school can still be such a hit with the touchscreen generation. Fairy Godma knows that anything Sesame Street related will get Bubs instant seal of approval!

Onward to the 2nd bash with my Dad and Baby Brother at TGIF. Having 2 separate birthday celebrations meant dressing up twice ;) Wearing my new Dorothy Perkins blush/ink bonded lace dress.

And to Bubs astonishment, he got another cake after dinner, well brownies + ice cream to be exact but for someone that doesn't get much sweet treats on a regular basis, this was like all kinds of dreams come true.

Happy birthday, Bubs!


  1. Replies
    1. We still have heaps of leftover cake in the fridge, my waistline is begging me to stop, lol

  2. Happy Birthday Hayden boy - lovely cake and pretty mummy too ! Have a blessed belated birthday :)

    1. Kam sia - mummy gaining weight from all the food!


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