Saturday, September 22, 2012

Currently Loving ...

Moroccan Oil for my hair. I know you could probably get a bottle of pure argan oil for a fraction of the cost but I love everything about Moroccan Oil, from the heavy, dark glass bottle (which I live in fear of knocking over) to the slightly musky scent. My hair feels like silk after only a few drops and trust me when I say use this sparingly. Jess bought me this bottle 2 years ago and I still have about half left.

I am obsessed with my GHD, it's been such a good investment for me and worth every single cent. This is my 2nd one and is still going on strong after being in use daily for 4 years. Plus did I mention this is bright pink? :) A quick glide every morning tames my bushy, cavewoman hair and gets me ready in less than no time.

I finally got new glasses made! After dragging Hubs to every optical shop and demanding "Do I look ok in these?", I fell in love with this pair. It has all of my favouritest elements: a slight tortoiseshell, a peek of that gorgeous robin egg blue and teeny tiny silver bows at the hinges. Maybe I'll finally wear glasses out of the house instead of contacts ;)

I think the post baby hormone madness is finally over and my eyelids are less greasy as before (think eye makeup sliding down everywhere) so I've been making full use of my MAC Eye Kohls and Powerpoints. They're more smudgy and have a laid back vibe as compared to liquid eyeliners and somehow this makes me feel safer to experiment a bit more with colour. My favourites are Rosemary & Thyme, a rich olive green, and Buried Treasure, a complex black with little gold flecks.

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