Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Sometimes when I'm in the office, inundated with emails, reports, I can't help but wish I could blink and be transported back to ......

Hong Kong!

Hubs and I went there for our honeymoon and I loved every bit of the bustling city.

Every night, the streets were filled with people, neon lights and the ubiquitous bamboo sticks used in construction sites. It was crowded, noisy and fantastic.

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a bite of stinky tofu. You could smell the pong from far away. For something that reminded me of stinky drains, I took a tentative bite drenched in spicy chilli sauce and was immediately blown away! Hubs refused to stand close to me while I was nomming on it.

On cold nights, we had steamboat. It was fascinating that even though the 2 soups tasted so different, they were from the same soup base, the waiter just added different herbs and spices to them.

Every now and then, there were street performers. This guy allowed you to paint him how you wanted after you deposited a tip for him.

After all the amount of walking we did, we'd stop frequently for dessert. Can anyone say mmm-mango pudding?

Cutesy hedgehog buns that I didn't know you'd to steam before eating and I'd to eat them cold anywhere because I was starving.

Breakfasts were Hong Kong style food - yin yong (tea + coffee mix), iced lemon tea, beef noodles and interestingly enough, deep fried fish skin.

The prettiest, lacey cobweb dotted with dew drops. 

Where do you daydream about during work?

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