Monday, July 20, 2015

The Wishing Tree

Bub's school celebrated tanabata a couple of weeks ago and as part of the festivities, each child made their own "wishing tree" from huge sprigs of bamboo. The children coloured strips of paper and the teacher helped them write down the wishes.

Bubs was bursting with pride when he got home that day and asked me to read all of his wishes.

So, in no particular order :)

Awww, kids are so easy to satisfy. This one's a cinch.

KL Godma will be delighted to see this wish.

I literally choked when I saw the last one.

What the .....................

*drum roll please*

Bubs!!! There is no way you're going to get 4 baby brothers!!!


  1. wow...4 "Di Di"... but I wonder why not 4 "Mei Mei".. :D

    1. That is 1 wish for sure will never come true, lol!


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