Monday, March 2, 2015

Currently Reading

Hubs and I complement each other in the sense that:
  • I read the books
  • He watches the movies
We've done that for most of the major screen adaptions, like Game of Thrones and it's fun to discuss the differences, the plot, the characters. Usually I read the book way in advance before the screen adaption ever gets released so I dangle the threat of spoiling the ending for him. I'm sadistic that way :)

This time around with Gone Girl - yes, I caved into the hype, Hubs watched the movie while I waited breathlessly for my local bookstore to ship in a copy of it for me and Hubs got his revenge by casually asking me if I've reached that part yet ... or this bit yet ... Grrrrrr ...

It started out reallllly slow but after a quarter of the book, I'm now hooked onto it and stuck in that delicious moment of desperately wanting to know what happens next but at the same time, willing the book to not end too fast!


  1. haha just like me. Kenny is a huge movie buff while i always prefer the book :) Gone girl was damn good

    1. I couldn't stand the ending! :( what the ... I actually threw the book on the floor, grrrrrr


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