Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Super Long Weekend

Apologies for the radio silence over the past couple of months as we were caught up in a mad tangle of work and school. The bright side of this week's super long weekend (Merdeka, Hari Raya Haji and the bonus extra day off on Monday) is that we get a chance to spend time with family, friends and just lazing about at home. 

I was sooo excited that Marini was back in town because it's been ages since we last met! She was my roomie way back when we were in our teens and until today, I still remember how she took care of me when I was delirious with fever. We'd the luck to be in the same city again during uni, spending many a day at cafes, trawling through warehouse sales plus enjoying pub music.

This time around, she brought her sweet cousin as we chilled out at China House. The place was packed to the rafters with crowds of people but the cakes added with the gorgeous decor was well worth the wait.

After our desserts (Marini is in <3 with the Red Velvet), we popped over to Sixth Sense, a clothing boutique just next door which attracted us with its stunning plant displays. They had some really nice clothing with a cute range of homeware - think macrame plant holders, marble tile coasters and wooden bowls - that even Marini couldn't resist getting a cute white lace top.


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