Monday, December 21, 2015

During the Holidays

Hip hip hooray for school holidays, year end holidays plus some of the nicest weather that Penang has had in a long while. Like my coll said, it takes bouts of toxic haze to make us appreciate the jewel-blue skies and fresh breeze here.

Bubs hit the pool at a friend's place along with his assortment of beach toys.

I choose to bury my toes into the sand and my nose into this new adult book. Based on a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast combined with faerie lore, Sarah J. Maas's romance between Feyre, a human, and Tamlin, a faerie High Lord is sizzling!

Bubs had a play date at the Audi Dream Farm with his mate and it was so cute to hear the conversation between the little chatterboxes. This time around, I finally can tell the difference between a goose and a duck: ducks have longer beaks and geese have shorter, more pointy ones.

The rabbit hutch was their favourite attraction as they could get up close and feed the bunnies. I still don't quite get Bub's love for this as they have fat, chubby bunnies at school that they get to feed carrots to instead of small pellets.

Since we were at Balik Pulau, we took a sneak peek at this gorgeous new street art done by Russian artist Julia Volchkova of a fisherman mending his net.

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