Friday, July 13, 2012

The Ex Files: A Wedding

Go Google "ex's wedding" and you'll find a range of articles, from news that Shakira might be attending her ex's wedding (they dated for over a decade) to the dos and don'ts of wedding etiquette when it comes to including exes on the guest lit. So .... I got a lot of arched eyebrows from friends when I mentioned that I was looking forward to attending X's wedding.

X and I parted ways years ago, it was heartbreaking at that time but we still kept in touch and we've many mutual friends. Hubs and I invited him and his then-girlfriend-now-wife to our wedding years ago and recently when X told me that they were getting married, I relentlessly pressed him into inviting not just me, but Hubs and Bubs too. Shameless should have been my middle name ;)

The wedding was held at the Parkroyal which was a bit far away from our place and since we didn't want to go through the hassle of fighting Saturday night jams with a cranky toddler in tow, we just booked a night there. Our sea view room was amazing, you could hear the roar of the ocean from the room. Parkroyal has some of the nicest gardens filled with ferns, tropical flowers and massive trees. Our friend Sue got married by that huge, moss covered tree a couple of years back in a beautiful ceremony.

Prerequisites for a fun night: sparkly clutch and shoes, the best company I can ever ask for and a couple of toddlers running free. I heart these Witchery Casey shoes so much, I've had them for years and can remember taking an hour long bus ride just to get the last pair in my size. I even wanted to wear them for my wedding until Hubs talked me out of it. I frocked up in this Zara lace tulip lace dress.

My college buddies: EL, Sue and Chun. EL, Sue and I all got married in the same year and our toddlers are around the same age. Chun is the hands down the nicest guy in college! Many a chilly winter night, he'd brave the rain/strong gusts/cold just to go to our apartment and bring us a $5 Domino pizza.

EL's daughter, Little H, and Bubs were soooo cute together! She'd go over and try to unbutton his shirt or rest her head on his chest. Sometimes Bubs would run towards her with his arms wide open and she'd retreat backwards. They spent most of the dinner sitting together with Little H feeding Bubs imaginary food on a spoon and Bubs obediently swallowing each mouthful. Now why isn't he always this cooperative during meal times? ;)

A group shot with the happily wedded couple. I loved the bride's gown 101%, the lace was divine and it fitted her beautifully.


  1. Kudos to you for attending your ex's wedding! LOVING that black/white dress of yours, so classy.

  2. Thanks to you, I got adventurous and got it from ebay! Yayyy for sellers that ship to M'sia, haha


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