Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marshall's Burger

Marshall's used to operate in a van at Pulau Tikus with faithfuls patiently lining up for their burger fix. For those that prefer their burgers served in a slightly more comfy setting, the wait is finally over - Marshall's finally has their own burger joint!

Marshall's is now located in a tiny, prewar house along Burma Road and right next to Giant (or Fima as old timers call it). Chalkboard menus offer endless options with *ahem* interesting names. Fancy feasting on the Board (double pork patties) or the Bull (beef with cheddar)? Or better yet *sniggers* ... the Cock? I swear I'm not making that one up!

This is no place for vegetarians or people looking for dainty bites - we are talking pure meaty patties here for serious carnivores. You get a choice of chicken, pork or beef burgers. My eyes were about to pop out with all the choices of add ons like extra bacon, cheese, fries, onion rings ...

Even though Marshall's opens at 5pm and we were there an hour later on a weekday, it was packed to the brim. By Penang standards, this is a testimony to how good the burgers are! It is slightly stuffy and the owner mentioned that they're still trying to work out the ventilation but it's a minor gripe and I'd much prefer the convenience and air conditioning of the shop rather than lining up outside the pavement.

We were dithering over choices and finally narrowed it down to: the Boar - their signature pork burger and the Bull, since they're well known for their beef patties. We topped off the order with onion rings and a can of soft drink.

The Boar was impressive - a towering creation of double pork patties, cheese and we were just staring at it for a while, figuring how to best tackle it. Fairy Godma has often lamented my weirdness that I hate eating with my hands in public because I don't like how the smells linger behind so I sent Hubs to ask for a pair of fork and knife. No such luck - this place is no frills. With trepidation, I just attacked it with my bare hands - to have the patties and veg sliding all over the place, lol. The flame grilled burger was insanely awesome - the patty was soft and very flavorful.

The Bull - Oh My. Words fail me. This has to be the Holy Grail of all burgers. I want to fall to my knees and weep over how insanely good this is. It was incredibly juicy, tender and had the most intense beefy taste to it. I closed my eyes and let the flavours roll over my tongue. This was supposed to be Hubs's burger but I made him swap with me instead :D

Marshall's is closed every Monday and opens from 5pm - 11pm on weekdays, operations are extended until midnight during weekends. Do not go if you cherish your waistline - once you get your hands on a Marshall's, no other burger will ever be the same again ;)


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