Friday, November 23, 2012

Fashion Friday: Pearls and Jeans

I've always wanted a classic strand of lady like pearls and when I spotted some decent quality faux pearls (or fearls, to quote SSG), I was an eager beaver to get my paws on them. I had fun mixing it up with something tomboyish, like a pair of dark, inky straight cut jeans.

Pearls and Lace ... before Hubs starts accusing me of dressing like an old nanna, I added jeans to it

Added a bright pop of colour with these magenta strappy heels and since Bubs doesn't require frequent diaper changes/milk feeds/less clingy, I now have my hands free for a non shoulder sling bag, yay!

Has anyone been to the Charles & Keith sale? I bought 2 pairs of shoes just a week before the sale, arrrrrgh, hate it when that happens!

Jade green heels that for some reason, appear as teal blue in the photo (I've tried on different cameras) and since I've worn and abused my previous beaded flats to death, I've gotten new ones to replace them. I have this thing for really ornate flat sandals - for a shortie like me, if I'm going to be stuck wearing flats, they better be as blingy as possible.


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