Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Friday: Blue Skinnies II

I've never been so enamored over a pair of jeans before and can't stop pairing them with the rest of my wardrobe. The bright blue makes other colours pop nicely and they're slightly different from my other blue denim.

With a Zara rolled blue tab sleeve striped shirt for work. I love the little gold buttons on them and how the shirt has a breezy feel that I wouldn't mind wearing them with shorts on a weekend.

If it's not Zara that I shamelessly plug, then it's Dorothy Perkins again ;) I'd my eye on this pussy bow dandelion print blouse when I first saw it at the store but baulked at the idea of paying so much for a top - sharp nails, an active toddler and sheer cloth don't seem to go together - so when I found it on the sale rack at 50% off, I promptly grabbed it. Score! I need to try the top with a black fitted skirt one of these days for work.


  1. Nice clothes! you're so slimm *envious*

    1. More like the jeans are so tight, they are holding in all the lemak, lol


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